About Me

An experienced composer, musician and teacher, Lewis White has been honing his craft over many years.

His background consists of a mixture of classical training and real-world experience. A grade 8 pianist, Lewis studied music at Sussex University before going on to complete a Masters in composition at Goldsmiths, University of London; this course had a focus on contemporary classical composition, film music and electronic music.

Sandwiched between this academia was two years spent as a piano teacher and musician, during which time he was gigging frequently with bands and artists including Tadhg Daly and Serkeidian.

More recently Lewis has been collaborating with fellow composer and musician Gus Arrowsmith to form ACWA, a downtempo two-piece, blending dreamy indie with soul.

As a composer, Lewis blends orchestral instruments with electronic textures to create beautiful and contemporary pieces.  These works range from intimate solo piano pieces to epic larger-scale ensembles.

He draws inspiration from composers such as Steve Reich, Nils Frahm and Cliff Martinez; their focus on evolving rhythmic patterns, atmospheric textures and subtle arrangement informs much of his writing style.


Recent Projects

Lewis has recently been collaborating with Driven Arts Collective (https://www.instagram.com/driven.arts.collective/?hl=en); a San Francisco based dance, music and arts outfit. This has included working with the videographer Angel O’Leary, using sampled whispers and industrial percussion to create a frenetic accompaniment to her politicised video.

Lewis provided score for a stage production of Dracula (see poster to the right), creating a gothic and emotional set of pieces, which accompanied performances of the show at the Electric Theatre in Guildford.

He also provided two cues for a documentary that screened at Lewes cinema (https://lewesdepot.org/) in 2017, composing sensitively to the nostalgic sentimentality of the film.

Below, you can see Lewis’s score for an advert by the tech startup Pigzbe and a recent promo for the Mayhew dogs charity.

Beyond composition, Lewis has played keys for artists including Serkeidian (http://www.serkeidian.com/) and Tadhg Daly (http://www.tadhgdaly.com/); he is currently playing with fellow composer and musician Gus Arrowsmith as apart of ACWA (https://soundcloud.com/acwa).



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